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JRC JFE 582 Echo Sounder / Depth Finder, IMO Type Approved

JRC JFE 582 Echo Sounder / Depth Finder is available for sale. We have several of this used echosounders for sale at a better price.  We ship worldwide. All the units are tested for proper working condition before supply. Please contact us for your requirement of JRC JFE 582 Echosounder. Sample photos and further details on JFE582 are given below.

Echo sounding is a type of SONAR used to determine the depth of water by transmitting sound pulses into water. The time interval between emission and return of a pulse is recorded, which is used to determine the depth of water along with the speed of sound in water at the time. This information is then typically used for navigation purposes or in order to obtain depths for charting purposes. The data of water level below a vessel is one of the most decisive information for safe navigation irrelevant of shallow or deep water. JRC JFE 582 navigation echo sounder / depth finder provides reliable data of the sea bottom and is designed for smooth operation.

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This JRC JFE 582 is a fully EC MED (steering wheelmark) type approved navigation echosounder / depth finder. This high quality echo sounder combines an easy to read digital depth display with a built in printer, available in a 200kHz (JFE582).

JRC JFE 582 Echo Sounder – Highlights of features:

  • Russian Maritime Register of Shipping approval
  • Confirm to IMO resolution A.224, MSC74(69) Annex 4.
  • Easy to see digital depth display
  • Operates even when paper feed set to freeze (Digital depth display, external output of data, water-depth alarm)
  • Even more compact main unit, (floor area ratio:-20%: mass:-6kg*) *Compared with the previous model

JRC JFE 582 Echosounder – Technical Specifications:

  • Digital Depth Display: 3 characters indication on the LCD. Decimal values for less than 100m
  • Recording Paper: 150 mm×15 mm
  • Paper feed speed (selectable):
    • 20 mm/min (10 minutes),
    • 10 mm/min (20 minutes),
    • 6.6 mm/min (30 minutes),
    • stop
  • Draft adjust: Max.50m
  • Operating frequency: 200 kHz
  • Depth Range Scale: 0-10 m, 0-25 m, 0-50 m, 0-250 m, 0-500 m
  • Sounding rate:
    • Ranges 10, 25, 50 m: 133 times/minute
    • Ranges 250, 500 m: 66 times/minute
  • Minimum depth: 2 m
  • Depth Alarm: The buzzer sounds and the LED flickers when the depth is shallower than the set water depth.
  • Power Fail Alarm: The buzzer sounds and the LED flickers when the power line happen to down the voltage.
  • Illumination: Recording paper and operational panel, with dimmer
  • Output Depth Data: NMEA-0183 (V1.5, sentence SDDBS, SDDBT, SDDBK), NMEA-0183 (V2.3, sentence SDDPT), JRC format
  • Input Nav.Data: NMEA-0183(V2.3, V1.5) /0180, JRC format
  • Output Signal:
    • Depth Alarm (Relay contact Max. 120VAC10A or 30VDC8A, selectable NO/NC),
    • Power Fail Alarm (Relay contact Max. 120VAC10A or 30VDC8A, selectable NO/NC)
  • Input Signal:
    • Depth Alarm acknowledge (selectable contact/current drive. Rated contact 5VDC5mA, current drive 12VDC1.2mA)
    • Power Fail Alarm acknowledge (selectable contact/current drive. Rated contact 24VDC5mA, current drive 12VDC1.2mA)
  • Power Supply:
    • Main Unit: 100/110/115/200/220/230VAC, 50/60Hz, Max.60VA
    • Power Fail Alarm control unit: 24VDC, Max.2.5W when circuit is operating
  • Operating Temperature: -15 to +55°C
  • Dimensions: 376 × 325,5 × 196 mm

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